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FGO 5 Start Legendary Servant Strength and Weakness
Hello everyone, this article contains the top 5 characters currently available on FGO! Keep in mind that new characters will be published in the future and we will add them to the list if they are eligible!

If you are looking for a berserker, Iskandar is the way to go. Iskander is a force you have to rely on in the battlefield, he specializes in blocking his attacks and damage, and you should not get bored with his simple gameplay.


All abilities are damaged. Although Iskandar does not have defensive abilities, his abilities revolve around increasing attacks, and even more so, he is known as the king of the conquerors.

It's all about NP. Iskandar's third skill is to use it with his NP because the Lightning winner increases his turn rate, especially if you are able to remove a Buster Bold string. It is estimated that he can do more than 20 stars while his NP handles a few hits.


This does not give much use to the party. Beyond his heavy damage and his attacking breath, Iskandar cannot really do anything but destroy Berserker. His low gain in NP and the numbers on his cards. In addition, this does not really have a significant impact on this issue.

Shuten Douji

Shuten Douji is renowned for its many bug fixes and AoE charm. It works efficiently and effectively and does not require 40% ATK for the entire team, and 10% is configured for NP. Its QQAAB Bridge and its high hitchhikers allow you to get a decent number of stars, especially in its brave chains. Apart from these, he is the first SSR killer with NP to damage the area, which makes it very useful for agricultural research.
However, as with all other assassins, he suffers from the killer's weak killer remediation, and the low level of bug fixes in his NP leaves him wanting 10% more. Moreover, their enemies do not rely on their abilities and do not suffer because they do not.


Powerful AoE charm.
Many bug fixes on sealability and NP.
Good support for damage.
Decent generation of stars.
The AoE Assassin.


NP's debugging percentage was quite low.
Less damage is climbing.
No prolonged activity.

Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova

Anastasia is not perfect, she is about to be a complete technique - applicable to most teams, especially the enemy. In fact, the only thing that prevents him from breaking the full game is that his class prevents him from doing damage.


Overall NP gains with energy.
NP and bug fixes/puff skills.
Low ATK.
Reduce the defensive resistance of the enemy.
here is only one target stun.
NP seals the abilities of all enemies.
The 1st ability provides ignore invincible buff.


No difficult defensive survival skills.
Multiplying his class can reduce his damage to some extent.
With so many effects on his talents, he can sometimes be.
It's hard to enjoy at the same time.

Ivan the Terrible (Ivan Thunder Emperor)

Ivan is one of the most powerful riders until now and his skill set provides him the access to great potential for both damage and utility that can help the team against many enemies.


Good NP damage that reduces Buster resistance.
Native bug fixes can be removed.
Has an excellent NP gain.
The buff of all enemies can be eliminated.
Has low AoE ATK.
Able to produce stars every turn.


His third skill effects are consolidated, which sometimes make it difficult to take advantage of it

Summing up:

We have shown you the top 5-star characters’ strengths and weaknesses. FGO is rocking with its new update. I hope this chart will help you with identifying the strongest character.
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